Photography Portfolio Relaunched

It was about time to bring the presentation of my photography up to the current technical web standards. Introducing my new photography portfolio website. The new layout features bigger photos and easier access - instead of clicking through individual images, all images in a gallery are now located on a single, scrollable page.

The layout of the website is flexible, which means that it automatically adjusts to your screen or browser resolution. Thus, the website will always display in the most optimal way on all types of devices, whether you use a desktop pc, tablet or phone (please note that the photos are always loaded at the maximum resolution, thus loading times on mobile devices may be a bit slow). The presentation is always focused on the photos - on smaller screen resolutions, the navigation will disappear to make room for the photos. In that case, you can access the navigation via a button at the top of the page.

Enough said, check out the portfolio and have fun.


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