Ah, the good old days of gaming. No 3D graphics, no massive hardware, just plain fun. When I started playing (pun intended) around with Flash to learn how to create games with it a couple of years ago, I settled on the idea of creating a simple retro styled game. At first I started off with a jump 'n run, but eventually it turned into a shoot 'em up. Since then, I've been working on it irregularly, but it wasn't until now that it has reached a state where I dare to release it.

“Airtak” is a classic horizontal shooter where you pilot a fighter spacecraft to blast your way through hordes of enemies. Presented in beautiful pixel graphics and with matching 8-bit sound and music, Airtak brings back memories of the good old days of gaming mentioned above.

The game is nowhere near finished, there are several features that I would like to add (or had already added, but took them out because they didn't work that well yet). So I may do updates to the game every now and then. For now, you can play five levels including a boss level, and after that do it all again with more enemies, and after that do it all again with even more enemies get the idea.

For more information about the game, check out the game's page here at Kotogoto. From there, you can jump right into the action.


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