Huge Airtak Update

Just released: a major update for my Flash game Airtak that adds a bunch of new stuff to the game. Originally, I just wanted to add rockets as a special pickup item. They've been in there before during development, but I took them out for the release since they were buggy. When I sat down to fix the bug, one thing led to another, new ideas popped up and eventually I ended up with quite a huge set of new features:

  • Rockets with a wide explosion radius as mentioned above. These can take out most weaker enemies within their splash damage radius. Rockets can be picked up as extra items and launched with the V key.
  • A new primary laser weapon that can slice through multiple enemies.
  • A brand new foggy swamp level, including a new enemy type. This level has been inserted as level 4, moving the "tech" and boss levels to #5 and #6 respectively. Thus, Airtak now consists of six original levels.
  • A new class of power up that can be picked up and grant special powers for a couple of seconds. Available in two flavors: rapid fire and God mode.
  • New sounds to go along with the new functions, plus some more general sounds added to the game.
  • New background music for the tech level.
  • Game balancing issues: the three regular weapons now fire at different speeds (single: fastest, two-way: medium, three-way: slow).
Please note that some of the controls have changed: The C key now fires the primary weapon (as opposed to SPACE as before) and V launches rockets.

Have fun with Airtak and if you like it, please spread the word!


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