Densha Driver

Densha Driver (“Train Driver”) is a game that I am currently working on. As a train driver, you have to pick up passengers at stations, stay within the designated speed limit and react to various challenging situations during the ride. The game is not a simulation, but an arcade style game where you earn points for successfully handling situations and move forward in your career, unlocking new trains and routes.

Key features:

  • Drive a variety of trains in a variety of different environments
  • Drive commuter trains and freight trains with different goals and gameplay respectively
  • Score points for correctly handling game events
  • Choose your route on a world map
  • Unlock new tracks and trains by achieving a certain percentage of points in a level
  • Non-linear gameplay - different levels are unlocked depending on how well you fare in each level
  • The game is presented in retro pixel art style

Development of this game is ongoing. The game has not been released yet. Please note that the screenshots show preliminary graphics and are not final representations of the game.

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