Flashcity (work title)

A kind of remake of the classic Simcity, Flashcity lets you build a metropolis. Place power plants, roads, residential and industrial zones, parks and more to lure residents into your city and earn taxes to use for further development of the city.

The game is currently in early alpha stage and I am adding new feature regularly. An in-game help is provided.

Key features:

  • Full screen Flash game that will automatically adjust to your browser window size
  • Build your city in one of five premade maps and one special scenario or let the game generate a random map - an endless amount of worlds to play in!
  • Cities can be saved and loaded (uses Flash cookies, you may be asked to confirm saving a Flash cookie on your computer). There is only one save slot currently
  • Build residential zones for your population to live in, and don't forget to build industrial zones to provide jobs and keep the unemployment rate low
  • Different buildings generate tax income or produce maintenance costs
  • A power system with producers (power plants) and consumers (buildings) - and brownouts if you don't manage properly
  • Unleash disasters on your city and watch it burn down in flames!

Development of this game is ongoing. Come back regularly for new features!

Latest game update: 2013/12/09